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BlueFire Ethanol Incorporated’s (“BlueFire”) use of the Arkenol patented process positions it as the only viable, world-wide cellulose-to-ethanol company with demonstrated production experience with ethanol from wood wastes, urban trash (post-sorted MSW), rice and wheat straws and other agricultural residues.

BlueFire is established to deploy the proven Arkenol Process Technology (“Technology”) for the profitable conversion of cellulosic waste materials to ethanol. BlueFire is the exclusive North America licensee of the Technology for use in the production of ethanol for the transportation fuel market. BlueFire’s goal is to develop and operate high-value carbohydrate-based transportation fuel production facilities to provide a viable alternative to fossil fuels on a world-wide basis. These “biorefineries” will convert widely available, inexpensive, organic materials such as agricultural residues, high-content biomass crops, wood residues, and cellulose in municipal solid wastes into ethanol.

BlueFire’s technology is extremely versatile, both in its ability to utilize a wide variety of feedstocks and in the end-products that it can produce. This versatility enables BlueFire to consider a wide variety of feedstocks and locations in which to develop facilities to become the lowest cost producer of ethanol.

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